Yoga Mala 108 Sun Salutations

Thanks to yoga teachers Clive and Eriko, I express gratitude for a most delightful Sunday in the company of hundreds of yogi who unite on the auspicious day to perform 108 Sun Salutations (Yoga Mala) for peace, love and harmony during the September Equinox. I was excessively sun-tinged, as Nature would not have it any other way, but the whole experience was transformative. I believe that such a gathering creates a space of union known as “loka-samgraha”, a transformative ideal to connect us with the social environment. “Yoga Mala” means “garland of yoga practice”, and traditionally, malas are garlands of 108 prayer beads. The Yoga Aid Concert held at Bondi Pavilion featuring two acts, Sacred Earth and MC Yogi, was the icing of the cake to a wonderful day. Sunday’s Karma/Bhakti event was certainly the highlight of the year for me.

We chanted Om in unity, which I found to be effective as I could feel the vibrations coursing through my body.

I prefer to chant Om with añjali mudrā (palms placed together in reverence while thumbs lightly press against the chest) as this mudrā seals the body in a closed circuit, for the pranic or chi energy to flow within, each vibration invigorating the anāhata čakra, the centre. (Note: Leave a space between the palms, as the shape of añjali mudrā should resemble a flower bud.)