Second day of Jivamukti yoga immersions led by David Life and Sharon Gannon

The second day of Jivamukti yoga workshops involved the handstand pose (Adho Mukha Vrksasana). Not surprisingly, more sweating was involved in today’s class.

In the afternoon session, David Life presented an interesting discussion about sacred divine geometry as it relates to yoga asana, and why we should strive towards the Pythagorean divine proportion in the pose, in order to connect with the divine. He surmised that, as each pose is an art form that can be read as divine language and we are receivers of the benefits of yoga, then it stands that we could be transmitters of the benefits yoga.

Jivamukti is perhaps one of the most challenging styles of hatha yoga. David Life said: “The practice of yoga should be ‘hard’. If you want ‘soft yoga’, go eat an ice cream.”