Fourth day of Jivamukti yoga immersions led by David Life and Sharon Gannon

With the liberation of my being at stake, how could I not work any less harder than the previous three days? Anyway, today’s workshop seemed to have eliminated my neck and trapezius muscle pain. It may have been the final headstand that helped to channel the energy flow outwards, otherwise, if I had not completed the release, it would have created an energy blockage. I was too exhausted to manage the headstand, but Sharon Gannon assisted me.

The practice of yoga is not “normal”, according to David Life and Sharon Gannon. The “normal” cycle of life is depicted in nature by big fish eating small fish. This eternal cycle of life is what the yogis refer to as saṃskāra. We only have to turn on the T.V., to be bombarded with imagery that makes us afraid, and/or tempts us to buy things. One’s compulsion to hoard, due to greed and fear, represents an obstacle to overcome. If one desires to be free from saṃskāra, and to become jivanmukta (one who attains the state of liberation while mortal), the way of yoga is to be selfless and fearless.