Four types of Bhakta

One who practices Bhakti is called a Bhakta.

Bhakti emphasises devotion and practice above ritual.

The Sanskrit Bhakti is derived from the verbal root bhaj, meaning “to share in”, “to belong to”, and “to worship”.

There are four types of Bhakta.

  • Aarta (Complainant/Petitioner)
  • Artharthi (Seeker of material benefit)
  • Jigyasu (The curious)
  • Gyani (The philosopher)

Be mindful of hyperextending in Trikonasana

Hyperextending in Trikonasana

In the August 2008 issue of FitYoga, I noticed the above image of a pose that looks quite odd from the choice of angle of photography. More so, from such a perspective angle view, it looks as though the yogini is hyperextending in Trikonasana, pushing the knee back beyond straight on the back leg, and arching the arm back beyond the medial line. Generally, hyperextending in Trikonasana is considered bad form, and visually does not look right. In the Jivamukti style, David Life would call this “Lazy Yoga”. I think that photographing from a perspective angle is a poor photographic choice to illustrate the above posture.