Yoga Aid 2010

I am sun-tinged from Yoga Aid 2010.

Yoga Aid this year was a little different, revolving around the theme of community. Instead of 108 rounds of sūryanamaskāra, different “styles” of the yoga community were presented. For example, unique to the Jivamukti Yoga style, Vikasitha kamalasana (Blossoming lotus) sequence was presented for Jivamukti Yoga, etc. Michael presented Yoga for Kids.

Gowrie Srirama (Yoga in Daily Life) changed ādityāya with savitre in her mantra, and I was a bit confused with the sequence because when I practice the mantra version of sūryanamaskāra, I name the pose as the mantra. Changing the sequencing of the mantra is like changing the poses around.