Pranamat versus Shakti mat

I received a Pranamat Eco as a lovely gift from Advaita. Since I have the Original Shakti mat™ I am writing a comparative review.

Pain relief through the use of such accupressure products is based on the controversial gate control theory of pain [Ronald Melzack & Patrick Wall, 1962], which hypothesizes that the perception of pain can be suppressed by inhibiting nociceptive transmission. The controversy surrounding the theory is that the clinical or curative efficacy of the treatment cannot be proven or disproven, beyond the placebo effect.

Nevertheless, I found that the accupressure mat is effective in providing therapeutic neck support, because the prickly thorns prevent neck movement.

Unboxing the Pranamat

The Pranamat is visually appealing in all aspects and finer detail of design and packaging. For example, the thorn design of the Pranamat appears sculptured in the form of a lotus.


The original Shakti mat™ consists of flexible memory foam core that contours to the back of the neck and supports the nape of the beck. The Advaita Pranamat, however, substitutes the mattress material with coconut fibres that provide firmer backing, but it is not easily adjustable for therapeutic neck support.


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