Hot Yoga

To recap my first trial experience of hot yoga at Power Living Bondi, it was as though I had induced a fever. After the session, my body felt like an oven on a higher metabolic rate, and I needed lots of Powerade Isotonic to replenish lost fluids. I felt all right though, and I am going to stick it out with the hot practice to work on aligning my body and massaging my mal-aligned muscles.

On Sunday 21 August, I will be learning to give the back, neck and shoulder massage at Yoga Synergy.


2 thoughts on “Hot Yoga

  1. Jason Gan

    Exercising in a heated room seems to work marvels for me in relieving my muscle pains and stiffness. Tomorrow shall be my Day 6 experience of Hot Power Yoga. I am making good use of my eQua® Mat towel to soak up all of my sweat. I need three bottles of water after each class to replenish lost fluids and cool down. I seem to lean towards a strong practice that the Baron Baptiste style of Power Yoga offers.

  2. The Reluctant Yogi

    I would stay away from Powerade or any of those energy drinks, they have almost as much sugar as a bottle of Coke, yucky! I find the Emergen-C sachets are wonderful, packed full of wonderful electrolytes and essential nutrients after your hot yoga session – would highly recommend them. Great after a Power Vinyasa hot class – and of course water, water and more water.

    Happy hot yoga-ing 🙂

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