Day 1 of “The Art of Teaching One on One” with UK-based Yoga Teacher Kate Ellis

At this stage (Day 1 of 6), I am simply making a brief journal entry of my learning experience of “The Art of Teaching One on One” teacher training course.

In this class, UK-based Yoga Teacher Kate Ellis presented anatomy- and alignment-focused adjustments, based on the same concept of inner and outer spirals as Anusara Yoga.

Her alignment strategy aims to correct yogasana by identifying those muscles that are overworking to compensate for the underworking or weaker muscles. The strengthening exercises have physio-therapeutic benefits.

Her variations and adjustments transform what most people might consider an easy yogasana into a pose that involves a lot of muscle engagement. The reasoning is that if you able to fall asleep in yogasana, then you are certainly not mobilizing the myofascial energy current. Her Trikonasana variation is so different from any of the other styles that it should be called Trikonasana II (to avoid confusion).

There were many “hands on” one-on-one adjustment techniques to learn.