Day 5 of “The Art of Teaching One on One” with UK-based Yoga Teacher Kate Ellis

Head Massage

Engage the parasympathetic nervous system

Lift and cup head in hands, keeping head neutral

Turn head on one side and work pressure down on trigger points. Work around the occiput. Hold down pressure with thumb while slowly turning head.

Craniosacral therapy: Allow the head to rest and tune in to the sensation and flow of the inner rhythm of the movement of cerebral spinal fluid.

Stroke brow from centre out towards the temple, three lines upwards

Form mudra over head by placing thumb on ajna point and a finger tip on a trigger point slightly below the chin bone.

The Profession of the One on One Yoga Therapy Discussion

  • Contract to assign boundaries in the client relationship and changing to meet/address the client
  • Relational field: Check in on the energy level of the person as well as yours
  • Unravel clues about the person by observing tendencies and having a natural curiosity about the person, and be prepared to refer the client to others if the client requests something that is outside of your training or comfort zone, or it becomes difficult to maintain boundaries with the client.