Pilates Yoga Class (half-hour) focus on lateral bending

I taught a postural alignment class at Callan Park, Rozelle that ran for 30 minutes.

Sequence of Poses/Topics taught:

Pavana muktasana (Circles)
Neutral spine
Namaskar vinyasa with ujjayi pranayama
Krama of ujjayi pranayama with abdominal lock (uddiyana bandha)
Lateral bending
Lateral bending with twist
Revolved wide-legged forward bend
Prasarita pada uttanasana
Pilates arm sweeps
Pilates rag doll
Pilates rolling up the spine
Shoulder and wrist alignment in hands-and-knees (used as the samasthiti to prepare for the Pilates side plank pose)
Hold lateral leg lift
Pilates breathing technique
Pilates side plank pose
Anusara-inspired™ variation of vasiṣthasana (lateral bend and back bend)
Child pose
Pilates boat pose
Seated piriformis stretch
Seated forward bend into extension
Pilates bridge pose
Pilates Rolling on back
Supine Twist
Baby cobra pose