Tired? Stressed? Do you dream about a burger?

It is good to dream, but is what you dream about any good? This topic follows on from my commentary regarding active dreaming in deep sleep, whereby the experience of active dreaming is that which connects our consciousness to the transcendental void.

(By the way, I dreamt about pizza this morning, and struggled to cope with the logic.)

Dream About Burger?

Later today, it struck me that people do not get fit to be healthy, when I noticed two blokes from Fitness First smoking cigarettes at Oporto.

The stakes for health are raised as you age past forty, I know.

The older you become, health maintenance is less about taking stuff, and more about eliminating anything that you don’t use or need. We need to cultivate the virtue of aparigṛha, as the Yoga Sūtra states.

Non-hoarding (aparigṛha)

If your mind is constantly consumed by thoughts of consumption, then maybe it is time for you to cleanse out the toxins from your body that are incessantly troubling your mind and exacerbating joint pain. Fast food and cigarettes deliver dangerous chemical pollutants and additives directly into our bodies where they can accumulate and remain indefinitely, creating an ideal environment for breeding harmful bacteria and parasites, which contribute to stress, decay, decomposition, cystic acne and hair loss.


Detoxification supplementation is the appropriate kriya cleansing practice in the fast food era. If you are tired, stressed, anxious, depressed, sleepy, nervous, then you probably need to purge some serious shit out of your system before that shit takes over and ruins your life. There is a war happening, people, and it is escalating inside our bodies…

Are you ready for it?

Nuclear Threat

Bring on your Yoga!