Range is not of the ego, and form is not of the soul

Alan Finger’s aphorism “range is of the ego, form is of the soul” is clearly wrong.

My linguistic analysis follows:

range is of the ego,
form is of the soul

The “is of” expression implies a part-whole relationship.

Ego (ahaṃ-kāra)
Identity (sva-rūpa)
Form (rūpa or kāra)

The correct expression is:
Form (kārais of Ego (ahaṃ-kāra)
Form (rūpais of Identity (sva-rūpa)

Soul (ātma, also known as the puruṣa principle or the Absolute Truth or the upper range limit of the Self)
Range = Birth-Living-Death-Beyond

The correct expression is:
Living (jīvais of Living Soul (jīva-ātma)

“Range is of the soul”, so to speak.