The New You now comes in Gold!

The value of higher aspiration is an inseparable part of being human. It is both a blessing and a curse. Without it, there is no creative spark for progression. However, the higher your aspiration, the bigger the mousetrap (or risk) you set yourself. Whatever you want to do in life, by all means, start the initiative, and grow and change with your business, but please do not chase an idealized version of yourself, by falling into a huge debt that you cannot afford to pay, because that idealized version of yourself is going to change, as the world never stays the same.

Should you be spending your life as a modern slave, to service a debt for a previous goal that is no longer within your sight in the here and now?

Should you keep investing in manufactured yous, one after another, with all of the bells and whistles for “future-proofing”, or be satisfied with the one you already own?

Should you sell one of your kidneys, for example, to purchase the new you that now comes in gold? What will you do, when the platinum model of you comes out next year? Yes, you.

Shirley Eaton ~ Goldfinger, 1964