Medical Neuroscience

I completed the intense and very difficult 12-week Medical Neuroscience course designed by Dr Leonard White (faculty member of the Duke University School of Medicine).

Overall, my experience of Medical Neuroscience 2016 was especially self-motivating, and rewarding. I liked the many excellent and creative contributions from participants that helped my own learning process. The culturally diverse cohort course of 2016 represented an historic opportunity to participate in a cohort before the closure of the session-based platform for Medical Neuroscience. It also represented an opportunity to receive a certificate with distinction, which was awarded to a grade above 90%.

Circle of Willis


Mindfulness in Education

I am interested in the endeavour of lifelong learning and the promise of open learning or the social experiment of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) because mindfulness is integral to a more civilized, compassionate and humane society in the context of a future dominated by cognitive automation.

Unless the individual’s mind, body and spirit are open to learning (the development of intuition or jñāna), there is no practice of Yoga (Union). Given the appropriate pedagogical tools for learning, in the absence of any instruction, the child will find one’s own creative inspiration to attain achievement (sańkalpa saḿsiddhiḥ).