The Personal Brand of Being Authentic

I realized that I am seriously weird. I also realized that I cannot change the fundamental nature of who I am as a real obstinate person. What I need to do, though, is change the supporting environment around me.

There are certain things in life that the dissenting voices of society tell us particularly not to do, just because those things do not create income, or serve a function in a corporate economy or oligopoly. I shall not be swayed by such voices that contrive, as it were, “to put me in my place”. The problem is that I just don’t fit into mediocrity, or any pigeon hole, for that matter, of the social ruling class. I simply prefer to be authentic. It is those special things in life that I deliberately choose to do, that define me.

Monkey See Monkey Do

I prefer to divulge Jñāna Yoga in its original Sanskritam, because that is what I do.

The Unicorn Paradigm of Siddhi (Accomplishment)

The concept of entitlement (also known as the unicorn paradigm of siddhi) is as ingrained in society and culture as its corruption. It forms the basis of division and recruitment of labour, and the educational system. It artificially elevates the importance of prestige and privilege, and inevitably creates a socio-economic underclass.

Tribe of the Unicorn

The concept of entitlement and the motivation myth work together in lulling and deceiving the mind into a false perception of stability where none exists. Note that the stable structure of a pyramid frames Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Heirarchy Of Needs (Abraham Maslow)

In the discourse of Jñāna Yoga, self-actualization (or vijñāna) exists on a living continuum. We must practice mindfulness to challenge the bullshit in education.

I emphasize that it is utterly stupid and conceivably immoral to deny any, if not all, of the values described by Maslow. The great deceit of the motivation myth is, to convince people that they lack some of the values that they cannot live without, and to claim that these will be withheld, unless people actually care enough to earn them. The challenge with androcentric indoctrination is the onus it places on each person to apply his or her own self-suppression (or self-censorship according to Christopher Hitchens) based on the authority of the institution. Even worse, the delusion of the unicorn paradigm of siddhi is compounded by motivational imagery.

A hamster does not insist on claiming higher aspirations of mind. It does not mind being deceived or misinformed. It simply does not give a fuck about its running deficit, or that it may, or may not, look good in its next performance review.


If you feel insecure about yourself, then becoming a debt slave in the misguided hope of attaining recognition of status and privileged education will not make you any less insecure about yourself. Entitlement does not necessarily match with esteem.

You can prevent yourself from investing any more of your valuable time and energy in the dualism of the motivation myth and the unicorn paradigm of siddhi that are both equally contrived to keep you playing with the same hamster wheel.

The Pink Cow Paradigm of Siddhi (Accomplishment)

Pink Cow

Seth Godin’s “pink cow” articulation of tribal marketing resonates with me. The “pink cow” represents the deliberate scarcity of knowledgeable resource in a sea of inconsistent information.

The intended consistency of knowledge that people seek, is known as “world view” (darśana), which hosts the spiritual space for uninterrupted attention (vṛtti-nirodhaḥ). According to Seth Godin, as world views become more extreme outliers from the norm, groups of people form distinct tribal units. People who share common, characteristic tribal interests naturally create and develop interactive connections enabled by technology. Do not confuse tribes with cults. Tribes do not involve top-to-bottom leadership or hierarchy. Participation in tribal communities represents a grassroots (bottom-up) paradigm. Whereas a unicorn (top-to-bottom) paradigm requires decisions to be managed by a committee and a mantle, or title, to be given, the tribal (grassroots) paradigm allows any individual to take the mantle. Tribal relationships serve to empower the individual, whereas the purpose of a committee is to suppress, or regulate, free expression, in one way or another.

World View and Value Proposition

I assume the following world view, that over-entitlement undermines the quality of a profession, or industry asset, by removing scarcity of services, as more competitors crowd the same industry to provide the same services. Mediocrity is characterized by an inability to instigate change out of fear of rejection or criticism.

We live in a market society comprised of many over-entitled professionals, many of whom offer advice without having direct intimate application of knowledge relative to their selves. In a society where there are many competing world views, any advice pertaining to an experience that falls outside of the boundary of its world view, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Moreover, the world view of a market society conflates the concept of academic discipline with industry and profession, and creates a social stigma of those who choose to learn and practice an academic discipline without the entitlement by a professional institution. For example, neurophysiology is an academic discipline, and a neurophysiologist is a practitioner of neurophysiology. By definition, the term does not mean a professional regulatory body or entitlement, unless the bias favours the world view of a market society.

If you take an opposing world view, then you should not be reading further, because you would only contribute a voice of dissension. My exclusive information is not intended for everyone, but for the creative individual who is seeking to validate, and participate in, a compatible world view. The searchability of my website is the means by which my personal information can be shared, and collaborated, with participants in a tribal community (saṃgha) in tune with a movement of creative innovation and being deliberately authentic.

My value proposition is that I have suffered various chronic pains for the past four years and, during that time, I have learned to deal with the pains and to rehabilitate weakened muscles. My challenges included: injured knee ligament, tight iliotibial band, destabilized piriformis, injured rotator cuff, levator scapula pain, scapula pain (depressed shoulder), weakened rhomboids, tight upper trapezius muscle, scoliosis, inflammation in neck and jaw, Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), and nerve pain. I have a direct intimate knowledge of chronic pain, and I will continue my training of natural therapy. I developed my intuitive training method based on my personal experience of healing, through trial and error.

Your perception of life must change with life-changing events, such as ageing. The market society that raises expectations to an unreasonable level will not help you achieve the best in your life, and you must help yourself by demanding the impetus for change from within yourself. You need to take the helm and choose to matter in the lives of other people like yourself. The scarcity of making relevant social connections demonstrate the real value of being deliberately authentic.

Do you want to matter, my friends? Start by owning the weird you.