Sańkalpa and the power of Intention

Sańkalpa is the sanskrit term for wish or desire.

It is important to create a mindful sańkalpa during the practice of yoga nidrā tantra meditation. Depending on the individual, the sańkalpa will determine the course of the practice, and the difficulty of the activity. It is a powerful tool for self-development. To use the technique, the yogi must plan to incorporate activities that are process-oriented (rather than goal-oriented), allowing the individual to engage in the present moment wholeheartedly. Meaningful intention is desire in action, not waiting for a goal to materialise in the future. It demands commitment and resolve (from the heart rather than the ego), and encourages the individual to be truthful to oneself.

Modify your practice accordingly, say, if you have a shoulder injury from strain. Severe muscle ruptures or tears require rehabilitation of the injury (after reducing the inflammation) to recover flexibility, correct alignment and reduce scar tissue.